Un Amore Così Grande

Un Amore Così Grande is a romantic and passionate song that was written with music by Guido Maria Ferilli and lyrics by Antonella Maggio. Originally it was played by Mario Del Monaco in 1976.

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Mamma, C. A. Bixio

It is amazing how many beautiful compositions and songs have been written for the Italian movies! Often, the music has become more popular or better known than the films themselves. In the previous post I published my recording of Parlami d’Amore Mariu, a song originally written for the soundtrack of the film “Gli uomini, che Mascalzoni” (The men, scoundrels).

Now I recorded Mamma, a very popular song that was also written for a movie. It was composed in 1940 with music by Cesare Andrea Bixio and lyrics by Bixio Cherubini, for the soundtrack of the film with the same name “Mamma”, directed by Guido Brignone where the main actor Beniamino Gigli interpreted it.

And for my part, I dedicate this interpretation to Delinda Molina, my mother!

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El Diablo Suelto. Heraclio Fernández

“El Diablo Suelto” (The Loose Devil) is a Venezuelan waltz composed by Heraclio Fernandez (1851-1886). He is a great example of nineteenth century Venezuelan piano music.

The waltz that I present here is an arrangement made by me of the first edition. It was published on March 19, 1878 in the newspaper of the same name “El Diablo Suelto”.  The composer dedicated this famous waltz to the editors of this short-lived newspaper.

Sonata Quasi una Fantasia, Opus 27 No.2 in C-sharp minor “Moonlight Sonata”. Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827)

Sonata Quasi una Fantasia, Opus 27 No.2 in C-sharp minor is one of the best known works of Beethoven.

Completed in 1801, it was popularly known as the “Moonlight” sonata, but it wasn’t Beethoven who gave this name.  Five years after Beethoven’s death, when the music critic Ludwig Rellstab talked about his impressions of the first movement of this sonata, he said that it suggested the reflection of the moon on the surface of Lake Lucerne.  The publishers used the name in subsequent publications, and that is how the name became so popular. But there can not be a more inappropriate name than “Moonlight” to describe the second and third parts of this Sonata.

The sonata has three movements:

  1. Adagio Sostenuto. It’s a contemplative, intimate movement.
  2. Allegretto – Trio.  It’s a dance, a delicate, playful movement.
  3. Presto agitato. The final is a fast, stormy and energetic movement.

O Sole Mio! Neapolitan Serenade by Eduardo Di Capua

O sole mio! was composed in 1898.  I can say it is the most famous Italian song or it’s better to say the most famous Neapolitan song in history.

Lyrics by Giovanni Capurro (Italian poet)

Music by Eduardo Di Capua (an Italian composer,singer)

When Eduardo Di Capua composed the music for O sole mio! he was in Odessa (Ukraine). Maybe that influenced the strong feeling of the song?  When you hear this piece, you may feel the joy or a nostalgia for a beautiful sunny day….