Brisas del Torbes. Luis Felipe Ramón y Rivera

In this post I am playing an arrangement for piano made by me of the song “Brisas del Torbes” by Venezuelan musician and composer Luis Felipe Ramón y Rivera (1913-1993).

This piece is a bambuco. The bambuco is a type of song that appeared in Venezuela in the late nineteenth century and has it origins in the habaneras which is a cuban dance. The bambuco is popular in the Andes between Colombia and Venezuela.

I hope you enjoy this performance and I wish you in this new year all the best!

Dama Antañona. Francisco de Paula Aguirre

Dama Antañona is one of the most famous Venezuelan waltzes written by Francisco de Paula Aguirre (1875-1939).

One of my hobbies is to take pictures, all the pictures that accompany the videos of my music are mine. The image in this post is very special.  It is one of my favorite places in Venezuela, Pueblo Nuevo del Sur, where my mother’s family comes from.



La Dulzura De Tu Rostro. Ramón Delgado Palacios

Ramón Delgado Palacios (Caracas 1867-1902)

He is one of the best Venezuelan composers of the second half of the nineteenth century. His waltzes have a great lyricism, rhythmic and technical complexity. Ramon Delgado Palacios elevated this musical genre that was so fashionable at that time up to the concert level.

Delgados Palacios began his musical education in Caracas and completed his studies at the Paris Conservatoire, although he had influence of the French musical school, his music is mainly Venezuelan in character.

Nel Blu Dipinto Di Blu. D. Modugno, F.Migliacci

This song also known as Volare is one of the most famous and popular songs of all times. It has won a lot of awards.  It has been translated to many languages and performed by many famous artists.

It was written by Franco Migliacci and Domenico Modugno, and it was recorded by Modugno in 1958.

There are a lot of different versions of this song of which I tried to play one more like Modugno’s original.

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Mamma, C. A. Bixio

It is amazing how many beautiful compositions and songs have been written for the Italian movies! Often, the music has become more popular or better known than the films themselves. In the previous post I published my recording of Parlami d’Amore Mariu, a song originally written for the soundtrack of the film “Gli uomini, che Mascalzoni” (The men, scoundrels).

Now I recorded Mamma, a very popular song that was also written for a movie. It was composed in 1940 with music by Cesare Andrea Bixio and lyrics by Bixio Cherubini, for the soundtrack of the film with the same name “Mamma”, directed by Guido Brignone where the main actor Beniamino Gigli interpreted it.

And for my part, I dedicate this interpretation to Delinda Molina, my mother!

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